Mitten Blockers from Wild Stitchers, LLC



From Wild Stitchers, LLC:

“Wooden mitten blockers are for blocking or displaying your handknit or crochet mittens or fingerless mitts.

Each blocker has large holes to help speed dry time. They also have a positionable thumb to allow removal without stretching. This also allows you to be able to use the same blockers for both afterthought and gusset thumbs.

The blockers are made of baltic birch plywood and are sanded ultra-smooth so they won’t snag your mittens.

We don’t use any finish on our blockers so you may see some discoloration of the wood as it ages and is used.”

Medium blockers are about 9″ long and fit average adult females, large blockers are about 10″ long and fit larger adult female & average adult males.

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Mitten Blockers from Wild Stitchers, LLCMitten Blockers from Wild Stitchers, LLC
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